Hypnobirthing Babies in Lincoln

I have had a variety of clients, differing in age and experience and including older Mums and 2 doctors, who have found HypnoBirthing their babies an amazing experience.  This is a page for some of the mothers who have opted for a HypnoBirth to express their feelings about the experience.

The latest Birth Story is from Jenny, a physiotherapist near Lincoln. Jenny and James attended their first HypnoBirthing class in November. Jenny was 28 weeks pregnant.  Benjamin, born on 16th February 2017, weighed in at 8lbs 3ozs.
“Well I'm sure my dates were far nearer than the hospitals and baby Benjamin Thomas Hugh Clarke arrived at 8.07am on Thursday morning, just four days after my estimate.
We got the home birth and no interventions that I so desperately wanted and we kind of did it to the extreme......not only was there no medical intervention there was no actual medical presence!!
I woke at 5am with regular surges but as this had happened over the past two weeks so many times, I decided not to tell James and he left for work at 6.15 as usual. As soon as he left they shifted into my back and I found I was more comfortable kneeling than side lying. So our daughter Abigail (7) joined me in bed and each time I had a surge she rubbed my lower back as I breathed it up and welcomed it.
I got our breakfast sorted and was just lowering to my knees every 8-10 minutes or so to breath through each one and then carrying on with our morning. I rang James at 7am to tell him he ought to come home then called the community midwife as they were now 6-8 minutes apart and way stronger. I then intended to get the pool set up as knew things were progressing quickly. So not quite the calm relaxed breathing between surges but me and my mini midwife were doing a great job. By 7.15 I rang my friend to ask for help with the pool as they were now two minutes apart and getting strong. She was with us in a few minutes and got busy setting up the pool with Abigail while I knelt on the floor breathing through the surges and then calling the midwife to ask how long they might be!
By 7.45 pool was built, and James arrived home and helped start to fill the pool, but by 8am I knew I was going to beat them so took myself off to the shower as I wanted hot water on my back.
So I got knelt in the shower holding the jet on my back and could already feel my body bearing down. I used the breathing baby down technique to assist the bearing reflex and my friend was on the phone to the midwife again (while James knelt beside me) when she realised what I was doing and she ended the call and rang 999 instead as she felt we ought to have someone there. I was so happily in my zone doing my thing but could hear her relaying information to the ambulance control office who were obviously working through their script and wanting her to be giving me advice, which she refused to do and just kept telling them 'yep she's doing fine!'.
I then handed the shower head to James and I delivered our son peacefully and easily while happily knelt in the shower. I was able to use my hands to feel the full opening and his head emerging, and then cradled his head for a moment before the next surge and out he came into my hands and I lifted him to my chest where he quietly - no crying - and calmly snuggled into me and began rooting for my nipple within a minute or so while James kept the shower on us. My friend just kept telling the ambulance control 'no honestly she's fine, yep baby is pink and breathing fine' I think they were expecting hysterics of some sort from one or all of us!!
The paramedics arrived ten minutes later and the midwives another ten minutes after that. They were all perfectly lovely but to be honest a rather over delicate and patronising paramedic and a midwife who was more concerned if baby cried on arrival and asking me to try and push out the placenta when there were no surges happening (I politely declined and said I'd wait until my surges returned, which they did obviously!) made me really thrilled that none of them had actually arrived in time and that I truly did get to do things my way. As I know if any of them had been with us they wouldn't have allowed me to get in the shower in the first place as access for them was non existent and if they had arrived and found me in the shower they would have moved James aside and I would have had them beside me commenting and 'helping' instead of James just quietly holding the shower and saying 'you're doing great'. We didn't get time to use any of the light touch massage, deepening techniques, music or prompts but just the breathing and right mindset seemed to be enough :-)
So here are some pictures of our little man! Thank you so so much for all your help, support and tuition. I did it with no pain relief or shouting, a bit of a tear but the size of his head and speed he came I'm not surprised!”

Jenny with baby Benjamin, shortly after birth.

his was one of my first HypnoBirthed babies!   2010.

"During my labour I was able to walk around the house/clean/take dogs for a walk.  Everything normal in my life, no difference to any other normal day.  Approx 2 hours before birth I had to concentrate more on my breathing and had to concentrate on going within my body to help me through.
I didn't realise I was so close to birthing until I got in the pool and the transition phase happened nearly instantly.  Within half an hour of me getting in and relaxing, the baby had arrived.  My body took over, I was in a state of shock and awe as this was the most amazing experience of my life..... 

My overall opinion of HypnoBirthing is that this is the most positive/amazing life experience that anyone can do and takes birthing back to a natural thing to happen." - Lyndsay and Barret, Lincoln

Lyn gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who weighed in at 7lbs 11 ozs.  Lyn is happy to talk to any woman who is considering having a doula or HypnoBirthing.  Contact me if you would like to ask her about her own experience.

"The birth of my baby was the best experience of my life and HypnoBirthing was instrumental in this - it was amazing!  HB gave me the confidence to feel completely in control of the birth - I felt completely relaxed throughout and I knew just what to do with each surge.

My husband, Jim, was an incredible support.  Baby was completely relaxed and calm when born (Ed. typical of HypnoBirthing babies).  Glenys was a fantastic instructor, very supportive and positive, a great course.  HypnoBirthing was amazing - I'm so glad I did it...."  SC, Lincoln

(First baby, birth took just over 5 hours,  7lbs 3 ozs.)

(Note that SC mentions the support from her husband.  Husbands/partners/birth partners also attend the HB classes and learn how best to support during the birth - Glenys)
"This course gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to have the birth I wanted and eliminated the need for pain relief...... Thank you so much" 
A S Lincoln


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