Reflexology and pregnancy go hand-in-hand.....

“A truly remarkable experience that helped me through the early days of pregnancy right through to the labour! Having never had reflexology before I was unsure what to expect. I had already had two children, one of which was a very traumatic labour. I decided I wanted to make this third labour quicker, calmer and less stressful and had heard people talk about reflexology helping with this.

What I can say now is as well as it being calmer, quicker and less stressful, my baby has also turned out to be so placid and happy! This is all certainly down to the personal and professional care I received from Glenys. Every pregnant woman needs a Glenys!” -  Lisa , Heighington, Lincoln

Reflexology is excellent in helping to maintain balance during the rapidly changing time of pregnancy - it helps to optimise your health potential at this very important time. Many of the minor ailments of pregnancy respond well as do backache and symphisis pubis pain (pain in the pubic area, worse on walking).

Fatigue and sleep disturbance is relieved through our relaxing endocrine balance technique. And it goes without saying that the whole session brings relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Various research and studies have - and are - taking place, particularly into the effects and efficacy of reflexology on raised blood pressure and ankle oedema.
 It has been shown that raised blood pressure responds very well to reflexology, reducing the number of women who have to be admitted to hospital.

Research undertaken by midwives in NSW, Australia reported oedema associated with with hypertension showed "a significant statistical change" in clients given lymphatic reflexology.

With the lymphatic techniques we use, oedema - with all its discomforts such as pain, lack of mobility, burning sensations etc. - can be reduced. In one study it was reported that "this technique assisted women to cope in late pregnancy, with a significant reduction in the levels of stress, tension, anxiety, discomfort, irritability, pain and tiredness".

Most importantly - in a study undertaken by Dr Gowri Motha, a reflexologist who worked as Registrar in an Ante-Natal Clinic in a NHS Hospital - was the effect shown on labour for women who'd had regular reflexology sessions over the ten weeks or so prior to the birth. The results were - in her own words - outstanding. Generally speaking, labour times were very much shortened. Again in her own words - "For a first baby the textbooks say that a woman is in labour for an average of 16-24 hours. I was really pleased to hear that the women who had received reflexology treatments just popped their babies out in 3 or 4 hours". The womens' ages ranged from 20-40, with labour times ranging from 2 hours to 6 hours.

Reflexology can prime a woman for childbirth and can be used through the birth process if so desired.

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