What price comfortable fear-free HypnoBirthing®?

A course with Glenys costs £250 per couple in a group or £350 for one-to-one private classes.  There is a small premium if you require weekend classes.  An instalment plan is available.

It should be recognised that HypnoBirthing® practitioners are highly trained, provide all the materials as part of the course fee, and are generally charging considerably less for HypnoBirthing® on a per-hour basis than you would be charged for private hypnotherapy consultations.

If you are on benefits, there is a grant available of £500 towards the cost of preparing for the child.  You may choose to use part of that for these classes if you feel HypnoBirthing is the way you wish to birth your baby.
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When and where do HypnoBirthing® classes run?

The course is designed to be run as five two-and-a-half hour classes, However, on a one-to-one basis, we arrange days and times to suit and have more flexibility.    We can also arrange to have 3 classes, merging Units 1 & 2;  Units 3 & 4; Unit 5.  Generally, busy couples find this the better option. 

Classes are held in places other than Lincoln, so long as there is a minimum of 4 couples.

UNIT I - Building a Positive Expectancy
UNIT II - Falling in Love with Your Baby / Preparing Mind and Body
UNIT III - Getting ready to welcome your baby
UNIT IV - Overview of Childbirth-- A Labour of Love
UNIT V - Birthing  - your birth rehearsal, final coaching

When should I start the classes?

Somewhere between 25-30 weeks is ideal, as the success of the course is strongly linked to how much practice you do. However, clients have reported beautiful births even with just five weeks of practice.

FEDANT Registered Number: 11997