What women are saying

"I've never felt so well prepared for anything in my life! I went into labour, totally fearless. HypnoBirthing® was a huge, huge, huge help.
It was amazing and the birth would not have been half as fulfilling without it. I now have a new understanding of what my mind and body is capable of and know that childbirth can be a very, very positive experience.
It was phenomenal. Even the midwife said: "I've never seen anyone deliver like that!"
I'm so pleased that I was able to have the birth I wanted, and do it my way. People have commented that they've never seen me looking so well.
I have let go of a lot of anxieties and the baby is so relaxed too because my response is much calmer.  Thank you!"
Mary, London

"It was undoubtedly the most calm, exhilarating, beautiful birth (not to mention one of the shortest) I’ve attended so far as a birth doula. I plan to suggest it to all my upcoming clients.”
-Leila Botsford, C.D.

"I didn't have any pain relief not even gas and air...I just laid there and listen to my hypno-birthing CD...I felt all the contractions but it wasn't scary I was just relaxed and concentrated on the breathing that I had been taught.
It was really strange when the contractions got really strong and close towards the end I just slipped in and out of a really deep state of relaxation, they said I didn't make a sound. Once it was time for the baby to be born I automatically changed my breathing patterns and breathed him down to be born.
I was supposed to breathe him out as well but the midwife told me to push instead, so I did (wish I hadn't as I ended up with stitches even though I did the massage, baby came out too quick head shoulders and arms)
It was definitely worth having the HypnoBirthing® lessons, a girl that had her baby on Tuesday said the midwives were all talking about it on the labour ward.
Baby Tom was born at 6.40pm on Tuesday 13th October and weighed 7lb 3oz.
Thanks for your lessons, we will spread the word for you!"
Lindsey & Tony Lloyd

Outstanding! Easy-to-learn relaxation and breathing patterns guided me through a five- hour, pain-free labor. I will treasure the experience forever!”
-Kim Sweers, FL

“Wonderful! I tell everyone that it is the only way.. .my doctor is so impressed!”
-Katharine Oliver, NC

“My baby’s birth was the most amazing experience. I love this programme and am deeply led to teach it.”
-Alicia Watson CO

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